Narcissistic abuse recovery [take back your life]

It won’t be wrong to say that this program is the closest to my heart, because this is something I can relate to the most. I recovered myself from narcissistic abuse, gained my self-esteem back, and took charge of my life in my hands. It took me years to learn the right tools to cope with the damage done by narcissistic abuse. I lost my self-esteem, my confidence, and self-love. I lost myself. At one moment, I was done with everything. I said to myself, “Enough is enough”. 


And that moment was a life-changing moment for me. I educated myself. I took help from the best coaches. I worked on myself and here I am. Healed and Happy. But, I didn’t want it to end here. I didn’t want my journey to be about myself only. Hence, I launched this program. To help narcissistic abuse survivors. To help them heal like I did.

To help them get their self-esteem back like I got.

To help them get their self-confidence back like I got.

To help them reclaim their power like I did.

On this journey, I have helped countless people and I want to help YOU as well.

Do you often feel confused and catch yourself wondering “What’s happening with me?”

Do you feel like you have lost your self-esteem?

Do you feel like you are no longer able to make your own decisions?

Do you often catch yourself blaming others for everything?

Do you often keep analyzing the same situation over and over again and keep thinking perhaps you have exaggerated or misunderstood the other person?

Do you often feel the other person is changing frequently like you cannot understand which one is their real side?

Or in simple words are you living with a narcissist who keeps manipulating you, gaslighting you, and blaming you for everything?

If the answers are affirmative.


Narcs are highly manipulative individuals. They make their victims feel so confused that they can never take any action toward healing.

With the right help, narcissistic abuse can be controlled. We can never change a narcissist, but…

We can change how we respond to the abuse.

Once we are powerful enough to take a stand for ourselves. Narcissists lose.

If you are still wondering whether you should ask for help or not?

Remember, I am an example for you. I was also trapped like you – helpless and hopeless.

Things changed for me when I tried to.

Things will change for you as well, once you take the step.

And the first step begins from here.

Book your consultation with me so we can work together to help you become your best version.

Remember the power of narcs lies in the confusion and cowardness of their victim.

You can take the power from them when you truly try to.

Learn how to cope with the after-effects of narcissistic abuse.

How to change your thought process.

How to overcome negative emotions.

How to boost your self-esteem.

How to come out of constant guilt.

How to take charge of your life in your hands.

Limitless expeditions [overcome/get rid of your limiting beliefs]

Are you tired of feeling held back by your own limiting beliefs, negative thinking patterns, and self-doubt?

Do your thoughts prevent you from living life to its fullest?

Firstly, let me tell you. You are not alone. And it’s not completely your fault.

How we are brought up. What kind of things do we keep listening to from our surroundings, past failures, and bad experiences – everything affects how we think.

Many people in this world are held back, never able to be their best version for the same reasons. Their thought process, limiting beliefs, and negative thinking keep haunting them. The bad news here is that we can’t change how we were brought up. We can’t change our surroundings or how people around us think, or what happened to us in the past. But, The good news is that we can change ourselves. We can change how we think. And we can change the present to create a better future.

We all can.

You can too

You can also change your life. And you can also become your best version. It’s time to break free from these chains and embrace a life filled with joy, confidence, and fulfillment. The journey from I cannot to I can is not easy, but it can become 1000× times easier with the right coach. I have seen many people struggling with their inner thoughts. Their mind keeps telling them they can’t do it. They are not good enough. They are bound to fail. They can never achieve their goals. They don’t have what it takes to be successful. They can’t live a happy life. This thinking pattern ruins lives. This thinking pattern prevents one live their best life. And this is why I have designed this coaching program. To help people become their best versions. Imagine waking up each morning with a renewed sense of purpose, ready to conquer the world. Imagine a life where self-doubt and negativity no longer hold you hostage. Imagine a life free from self-loathing. Imagine a life where you have control over your mind, not the other way around. This might sound dreamy. But, trust me all this is possible. With the right tools.
It’s just about learning the art of controlling your mind, instead of letting it control you. You cannot do it alone. Since you don’t have the tools. This is why you need a coach to help you navigate through this journey. Now hear me, Are you ready to transform your life? Are you ready to become your best version? So you can ace both your personal and professional life? If yes. You have to take action. You have to show courage. If you are ready, If you are willing to transform your life, This is for you Keep scrolling. Introducing my transformative One-on-One Coaching Program, a personalized experience designed to guide you through the process of overcoming your inner obstacles and unlocking your true potential. With six powerful sessions tailored to your unique needs, this program will empower you to rewrite your story, redefine your beliefs, and create a future brimming with possibilities. This program is not just about finding quick fixes. As I believe in holistic growth that extends beyond quick fixes. I always make sure that my clients can do great even after the sessions end. Throughout the program, you will receive personalized resources, actionable strategies, and empowering exercises to reinforce your progress and ensure that the transformation seeps into every aspect of your life. I have asked before, I will ask again.  Are you ready to take action?


If yes, book your sessions here

Mind detox [detox your mind from negative thoughts]

Mind like the body, also needs detoxing. Detoxing from negative thinking. Our mind works as it is set to. When it is set to think negatively. It constantly churns out negative thoughts. Even if there’s nothing to think negative about. This is why it is important to break the pattern. To rewire the brain. And how do we do it? Through proven strategies and exercises.

Which you might not be able to do on your own. 
This is why I am here. To help you change the way you think. Life is challenging, but how we face those challenges depends on us. When you are set to think negatively all the time. You start attracting negativity in life. A big believer in the Law of attraction here. The way you think shapes your life. When you see something negative in everything. Your overall life becomes negative and miserable. You stop enjoying things because you are always afraid of something going wrong. When your mind is wired like this, finding positives in life becomes difficult. And that’s understandable. This is why utilizing NLP I have created this program for the ones who are constantly trapped in negative thinking. I realize your mind is the most powerful tool at your disposal. And you don’t want it to be a home of negativity. If you are constantly trapped in a negative mental state. If you are always thinking about the worst possible scenarios. If you are unable to see any positivity in times of hard times. This program is for you. Specially designed to help you unlock the full potential of your mind using NLP techniques, breathing techniques, and meditation sessions. NLP, breathing techniques, and meditation practice are proven holistic approach that enables you to reprogram your thoughts, emotions, and behaviors, leading to profound personal growth. Don’t worry. If you are tired of being held back by negative thoughts and self-limiting beliefs. And if you long for a mindset that empowers you to achieve your goals and live a fulfilling life. I am here to help you. Mind Detox is the transformative program you’ve been searching for. Say goodbye to negativity and embrace a new way of thinking that propels you to success and happiness. In this program, we will delve deep into the root causes of negative thinking and self-sabotaging patterns. You’ll gain a profound understanding of how these patterns developed and how they continue to influence your thoughts and actions. By recognizing these patterns, you take the first step towards breaking free from their grip. What are you waiting for? Start resetting and detoxing your mind NOW.

Rewire your anxious mind [getting rid of anxiety]

Anxiety can be very debilitating. It constantly suffocates you. You feel like you are trapped in your own mind and body. Gasping for the air. Trying to find a way out. Hear me out. I get you. Living with anxiety is tough. Very tough. And this is why you don’t have to do it alone. You need support. You need help.

This is probably why you are here. This is exactly why I have created this program. To help you live a better life. Where you don’t keep choking. I understand. Anxiety makes you feel like you have no control over yourself. Anxiety can feel like an invisible prison, trapping you in a constant state of unease and preventing you from fully embracing life’s opportunities. But it doesn’t have to be that way. With the right tools and guidance, you can rewire your mind, release anxiety’s grip, and discover the peace and joy that lie on the other side. Welcome to Rewire your anxious mind. This program is designed to help people with anxiety. Who is constantly suffering at the hands of their mind You might feel like everything is going wrong. You might suddenly wake up at night breathing heavily. Thinking about everything that can go wrong. Anxiety is living in constant fear. Fear of things that might happen in the unknown future. Trapped in the future is no fun. I understand. And I also understand that it’s not in your hands. It’s not who you think like this. It’s your mind which makes you think and feel like this. Anxiety is more than just a collection of symptoms; it’s a deeply personal struggle that affects every aspect of your being. That’s why this program aims to go beyond surface-level techniques. This program comprises six sessions where we will get into the core of your anxious mind, unraveling the tangled web of thoughts and emotions that keep you trapped. Through empathy, support, tailored strategies, breathing techniques, meditation, and grounding exercises we will work hand in hand to rewrite your anxiety narrative and set you free. Let’s rewire your anxious mind together. Let’s get rid of your anxiety together.

Free and fearless [fear and phobia coaching]

Fear and phobias can consume your life, dictating what you can and cannot do, and robbing you of the joy and opportunities that await. A crippling fear that never seems to go away. You may see a lot of people doing the same thing with ease, but you can’t push yourself to try doing that. The fear/phobia can be of anything; water, height, or closed spaces. Not that you start avoiding things makes you scared. You might experience nightmares too.

Living with such a state of mind can be troubling. But, let me tell you one thing: The more you avoid it, the more it grows on you. Confronting and facing your fear is the only way forward. If you are afraid of something to the point, you can’t even seem to think about that. If any fear or phobia is taking a toll on your mental health. This program is for you. This program is designed to help you conquer your fears and phobias, and live a life of freedom and courage. If you’ve been held captive by your deepest anxieties and paralyzing fears, then you’ve come to the right place. This six-session program is crafted with empathy and expertise to guide you on a journey toward liberation from fear’s grip. By providing the right tools, incorporating breathing and meditation techniques, and some mindful exercises. Ready to free yourself from your fears?Ready to become fearless?

Emotional empowerment [for negative emotions]

Human beings are full of emotions. Emotions themselves are very powerful, for they are what make us human. However, sometimes some emotions can hinder our progress when they are not in control. There’s nothing wrong with feeling deep emotions. And there’s nothing wrong with any emotion. Every emotion is important. Every emotion is valid. The problem arises only when those emotions become too overwhelming to bear. And this is when you need help. 

Emotional Empowerment is a six-session program where I will sit with you and explore your emotions. Every emotion that we feel has a reason. We will dive into the reason behind what you are feeling. Remember your emotions are valid. It’s just that you need to learn how to use them in a good way. Constant sadness, grief, and bouts of anger can be a result of trauma. As they say, emotions are just the tip of the iceberg. There’s a range of reasons underneath that are causing those emotions. Exploring those reasons. Understanding trauma is important. This is what this program aims for. Through empathy and understanding, I dig deeper beneath the tip of the iceberg. And help my clients learn how to manage their emotions and release the hidden pain that’s causing those intense emotions like sadness, grief, or anger. My job here is to evaluate your hidden wounds and give you the right tools to heal them. Are you ready to start your healing journey? Sign up for Emotional Empowerment and learn how you can empower yourself through emotional management. This program comprises counseling, NLP strategies, mindful exercises, and meditation sessions. If you are reading till now. This is a sign that you are serious about changing your situation. You are serious about changing how you feel. And you are serious about living a life free of so much pain. Well, I won’t drag it further.

Dream weaver [Design your destiny].

Having goals. Having big dreams is great. But this is not enough. You need to make those goals achieved and dreams come true. This is where most people stumble upon it. This is where it gets tough. Past experiences, lack of confidence, limiting beliefs, negative thinking, lack of direction, and many other reasons can cause one to feel stuck.

Dream Weaver is a powerful coaching program designed to help individuals achieve their goals and find success in all areas of their lives. My mission is to guide you through a transformative journey of self-discovery, providing you with the tools, support, and guidance necessary to turn your dreams into reality. I understand that success is not just about achieving external milestones; it’s about aligning your actions with your core values and passions. My program begins by helping you envision your desires and clarify your goals. Further, we sit together and map out a plan on how to achieve your goals. With step-by-step guidance, meditation, an actionable plan, and other proven strategies. I ensure that you are set to succeed in whatever goal you have in your mind. My goal is to work closely with you to uncover your unique strengths, talents, and aspirations Through personalized guidance and mentorship, I will help you tap into your full potential, unlocking the dormant abilities that have been waiting to be unleashed With my support, you’ll gain the confidence to overcome any obstacles and thrive in the face of challenges Dream Weaver is a special program for dreamers and action-takers who are willing to write their own destinies. Remember you are the writer of your story. Make sure it is great. But, writing your destiny can be a daunting and confusing journey. You might even lose your direction. With mentorship and guidance, you can carve out a smooth path for you which goes in the direction of your dreams. And this is not just it While achieving success is important,Maintaining balance and well-being is also important. Dream Weaver promotes a holistic approach to success, emphasizing the significance of nurturing your physical, mental, and emotional well-being. By prioritizing self-care and maintaining a healthy work-life balance, you’ll be better equipped to sustain long-term success and find fulfillment in all areas of your life. Let’s connect and work together to change your destiny. Let’s weave your dreams into reality together.

Slow Paced Yoga

Did I tell you before that Yoga has been one the most important part of my healing journey, and I have a decade-long experience in it? I guess I did. In case you missed it. You know it now. Yoga is not just a form of exercise, but a spiritual experience. It doesn’t just shape your body; it heals you inside out. Yoga has more than one aspect. The most popular aspect we have been seeing in mainstream media is to shape your body and help lose weight. Well, this is just a limited understanding of Yoga.

Yoga is much much more than this. It is a lifestyle. It is how you think. How you respond. How you navigate through this journey called life. And this is what I teach through Yoga. The purpose of this program is to help people get better mental health, sharp focus, clarity, spiritual awakening, and a mindful approach. For all of that contributes to a better and healed life. Join me in this journey of healing collectively. Be a part of an online global yoga community. Where we all thrive to become our best version. That too from the comfort of our homes or the place of our choice. You too can avail of this from whichever place is convenient and peaceful for you. You just need an active internet connection. For just 40 minutes. Remember those 40 minutes a day can change your life completely. I know now you must be thinking, 40 minutes daily? How would I manage this? I don’t have this much time for myself. I know. I know. You have time for everything but yourself. Everything is a priority but yourself. But, it’s time to break these unhealthy patterns. You too deserve some me time. You too deserve a break. You too deserve to rest and relax. You too are important like every other thing on your To-do-list.

Ditch your To-do-list for a while.

And breathe.


Our sessions include breath work, meditation, gentle yoga asanas, and relaxing savasana.

Ready to change your life?

Ready to take some time off for yourself?

Ready to prioritize yourself for once in your life? Join our sessions now.


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