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I am Hina Sohail, a certified wellness and empowerment coach. I have been teaching people how to heal through listening to their bodies, sitting with their thoughts, creating boundaries, managing stress, learning how to cope with narcissistic abuse, and much more for more than a decade. 

I was always into Yoga and Meditation. Later, I also began learning NLP which changed everything for me for good.

And that’s how I picked up NLP to help others as well. I have met countless people in classes, in online spaces. I have heard many stories and have helped many people heal.

This startup is very personal to me for I was also broken once. I healed myself the hard way, therefore I created this space to help people heal the easy way.

So they don’t repeat mistakes which I did. So they don’t have to heal on their own. 

This space is dedicated to helping people heal through different 1:1 NLP coaching sessions.

All my 1:1 coaching programs revolve around a holistic approach that deals with human beings at every level, i.e. physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.

And guess what? I have found a perfect crime partner oops coaching partner who has been helping me with healing people. And that’s none other than my daughter. 

Imagine having your carbon copy along with you on your journey of healing people.

Read My Story

Do you wonder what made me choose this path? Well, let me share my story.


Life has never been easier for me as well. I also have had many challenges that made me who I am today. My life was completely different, and I was a different person. A person who was just surviving.

One day, I decided that enough was enough. I knew that I wanted to take charge of my life, but I also loved my family and never thought of breaking it. I sought help from coaches, and that was when my journey toward empowerment began.

Through my coaches, I learned that people are not their behavior. I learned to change the behavior, not the person. I became financially independent and educated myself. I became a coach myself and started helping people who were going through similar situations to mine to find their self-esteem, confidence, independence, and empowerment in life.


My transformation was nothing short of a miracle. I discovered my inner strength and resilience and learned to tap into my full potential. I broke free from the chains of my past and embraced my present with joy and hope.


Today, I am a hero to many. I have inspired countless people to take charge of their lives and to believe in themselves. I have helped them heal their wounds and to discover their true potential. My story is a reminder that no matter how dark the night may seem, there is always hope for a brighter tomorrow.


And my story is what keeps me going. I shifted my life from survival mode to thriving mode. Now, I want to help others achieve the same. I want others to claim their power, find their lost self-confidence, revive their diminishing self-esteem, and take charge of their lives in their own hands.

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Improving Health

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Exercise Program

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Physical Activity

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Balance Body Minde

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Support & Motivation

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Daily Health

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